Welcome to Offer Juice

Get ready for an entirely new network experience. OfferJuice is not like the thousands of other networks out there, and yes, we know everyone says that. OfferJuice is a direct from the source network that features offers that we directly own or have strategic partnerships with. There is no middleman taking a piece of every single action. It's just you and us. And speaking of you, OfferJuice has no affiliates - we have partners. The term affiliate may be going by the way of MySpace and AOL Communities - and just like everything else - OfferJuice stays ahead of curve acting first, rather than reacting second. Join the ride and enjoy the rewards of working direct.

Be on the lookout for one of a kind survey offer opportunities, quick action - fast turnaround direct surveys and high paying one-off targeted studies - because we will have them all. We can use our might and size in the industry to deliver unique ways for you to earn an entirely new revenue stream - ones that will be rewarding for you, and your members, users and partners.