Global Strategic Partnerships

When you have the backing of a 37 year old company with as much respect as Dynata does you get to join in on some of the amazing partnerships they have established over the years. We don’t just broker survey panels from other networks at a reduced rate – we work directly with the biggest consumer market research companies in the world. These direct partnerships allow us to bring you exclusive opportunities no one else has access to. Don’t work through a middleman – work direct with the Juice and get every cent that you deserve.

The Nielsen Company – probably best known for its box top set devices is a close partner of Dynata’s. Nielsen started out with its namesake, Arthur Nielsen in the 1920s and started tracking the viewing habits of American families all the way back to 1950. Nielsen has a wide range of consumer friendly market research panels’ opportunities like PineCone Research, RewardTV, National Consumer Panel and HomeScan Canada.

This is just one example of the strategic partnerships Dynata has established over the years that we are bringing directly to you through OfferJuice. Please join us in leveraging these relationships and driving new revenue through your own marketing skills.